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Mites First Jamboree

11/09/2012, 9:30am EST
By Robert Michaud

Mites First Jamboree!

 The Mites attended their first Jamboree of the season at Colby College this past weekend on November 4.  The players had a terrific time and I hope the parents enjoyed it as well.  The Mites Cross-Ice program is designed to teach young players the fundamentals of hockey, skating with the puck, passing, scoring and more.  By playing 2 or 3 simultaneous cross-ice games at the same time on one sheet of ice, puck time for each player can be maximized.  It may seem like chaos from the bleechers, but rest assured, your player is fully engaged in the game and is working his / her best.  They should all come off the ice hot, sweaty, with rosey cheeks and a smile on their faces.  If this is not the case, please let us coaches know so we can work on making improvements.

I understand there were some incidences with players from the other team(s) that weren't appropriate.  Unfortunately, we cannot always see everything that is going on during these events.  Please encourage your player to let us know if something isn't going right on the ice and feel free to approach us after the game so we can address it as quickly as possible.  We will also do our best to try to address these issues if / when they happen on the ice.

All in all I think our first outing was a great event.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with our players that day and think they did a fantastic job.   Coach Sacre and I are looking forward to a fun season!

Coach Michaud

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