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Tiger Pride Comments Section

 Take a moment to leave a comment to show your support for our teams.  Please keep them positive and in the spirit of our mission.

Ice Time at Kent's Hill

Gardiner Youth Hockey Members,

I have confirmed we will have practice on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6-8 pm at Kents Hill.  We are currently negotiating for the use of a van/bus to take our youth, coaches and parents (screened volunteers) out to Kents Hill.  We are also developing a study area for students, supervised by parents, where our skaters can get some valuable time to get their schoolwork in while their teammates are on the ice.  We are taking every measure to ensure our skaters are developing their hockey skills and helping out by getting their homework done in the process. 

The transportation piece is still being worked out, but more coming soon on that exciting development!  I did want to take this opportunity to ask the membership if they would be interested in some Friday night games at Kents Hill?  There is some availability of ice, but I want to be sure this is what the membership wants.  It wouldn’t be every Friday night, but it might leave a weekend day open for families to re-generate and have some home time.  Please send me your thoughts at my email

Remember, we are developing this program for YOU.  We can make this a really great year by sticking together and showing our kids that WE CAN DO THIS!

Thank you,


GYHA Ice Time Update - 2012 - 2013 Season

 Gardiner Youth Hockey Members,
I would like to update everyone regarding the ice situation with Gardiner and the Ice Vault.  After several conversations with Peter Prescott and Steve Prescott, it seems there will not be reasonable ice allocated to Gardiner.  The ice times proposed were 5:30 AM during the week and Saturday/Sunday at 6AM.  I have copies of the emails Steve sent outlining these two times.  It is truly unfortunate that the assurances that were made by the rink are not being seen through with Gardiner.  We were effectively “held at bay” until they could recruit and canvas our membership to join their private program SAM.  This has been very damaging to our program and to our community.  No one thought that with a collapse of a rink it would potentially cause a collapse in our organization.  Unfortunately, we were wrong.
We are currently scheduling with Kents Hill evening ice during the week for Team practices and Skills practice.  They are working diligently to accommodate us.  We are working out busing and ride share programs to supplement the demands of travel.  No child will be left behind because we couldn’t get them to the ice rink.  We will find a way to make it work with as little impact to your family as possible.
You may be asking yourself, why should I stay with Gardiner Youth Hockey?  I can only answer you with the truth.  Gardiner Youth Hockey has consistently delivered a quality program for our children.  They have worked diligently to ensure that any child’s family that can’t afford to skate will skate.  They have bought/rented equipment for our children and helped families when they needed help.  Gardiner Youth Hockey is a family of dedicated, trustworthy, caring people.  We want to grow the game of hockey, retain our membership and develop all our kids to not just learn to skate, but have fun while doing it.  We want our kids to become Gardiner Middle School players.  We want our kids to skate for Gardiner High School.  We want to keep the spirit alive here in Gardiner – our home. 
I ask that you stay loyal to a program that has stayed loyal to your child.  I hope anyone who is “on the fence” jumps off the fence and says “I am going to be a Gardiner Tiger, I believe in our program”.
If you have any questions, or would like something clarified further, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any board member.  We are 100% committed to our future and our skaters.
Thank you,

Maranacook Mites Mixer - Dec. 29

12/24/2012, 12:15pm EST, By Robert Michaud

Maranacook Mites Mixer

Gardiner Middle School - First Game Dec. 2

11/28/2012, 3:00pm EST, By Robert Michaud

Gardiner Middle School First Game of 2012 - 2013 Season

Mites - Reminder - Two Games This Weekend (11/17 - 11/18)

11/09/2012, 2:45pm EST, By Robert Michaud

Mites - Weekend Off

Mites First Jamboree

11/09/2012, 9:30am EST, By Robert Michaud

Mites First Jamboree!

Middle School Practices

11/09/2012, 9:30am EST, By Robert Michaud

Middle School Practices

Middle School - Pre-season Training Sessions

08/17/2012, 4:16pm EDT, By Christian Hebert

Get Ready for the Upcoming Middle School Hockey Season!

Summer 2012 - Camps and Clinics

06/18/2012, 8:56am EDT, By R. Michaud

Summer Camps and Clinics Available to GYHA Players

Welcome to the new online home of Tiger Hockey!

05/07/2012, 4:17pm EDT, By GYHA