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Alfie Michaud - Goalie Coaching

We received the following e-mail from Alfie Michaud - former professional and U. Maine Goalie with information on his sports testing company and goalie coaching.  I am happy to share this with our association:

Hi there my name is Alfie Michaud I am writing on two fronts.  First I'm sending you some info on my company I own here in Maine.  If is a sport testing company.  We are a multi sport company that test kids of all ages. This system gives kids a baseline to work with and the hope is that over time he/she improves upon the skills and help to improve in the sport they are trying to get better at.  This being hockey of course.    The really neat thing about this system is that the kids can compare themselves to kid their age around the world.  This system is linked to a global data system.  Once in the system any time they test again it is linked in and they can see how they are improving.  This is a wonderful system.  I just figured that I am near by maybe there would be some interest from your association  I would like to talk to you about it and how it is a fun way to test the skills of hockey.  In my experience the kids love it.  They have fun just trying to beat their time.  I have used this system with The Maine Black Bears and they have fun with it also.  
Also on another note I am a goalie coach.  I worked last season as goalie coach with the Portland Pirates and I played pro for 16 years.  I am reaching out to minor hockey associations to see if there would be interest in some goalie skills night also.  Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you